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2 hours is nothing. But 2 hours can mean everything.

There doesn’t exactly seem to be a global surplus of niceness around at the moment. But we hope you’ll help us to put that right, little by little. Make a difference by donating a couple of hours of your time each week to a local worthy cause. That’s less than 20 minutes a day. You couldn’t even watch a soap or a sitcom in that time. Your kindness has the power to change lives in ways that you can’t yet imagine. And you’ll become part of a fast-growing movement: a real community. For now, we hope you’ll give us just 2 minutes by visiting our Facebook page.

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Help us build the biggest giving platform the world has ever seen and extend our reach to every city on this planet. Give2Hours puts worthy local causes at your fingertips so you can volunteer your time and skills, wherever you are in the world. Our organisation is run purely on people power and human kindness allowing us to remain a passionate movement and not a charity. Our only overhead is the development of our digital platform to make our voice heard and to connect like-minded individuals. A heartfelt thank you for playing your part in changing the world we live in. Together, we will create miracles.

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